Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Mom's A Grr

I'm 34 and still need my mommy. 

That's good thing. I need my dad and brothers too.

Though in there in spirit, Faith and Myrtle couldn't come to be there in person for my bone marrow biopsy. It was no place for Myrtle, plus Faith fainted at my last one anyways. Due to me being radioactive they weren't able to come to my bone scan and skeletal survey last Friday either, thankfully my Uncle Darcy was able to fill in.

Inspired by Darcy's impromptu visit a plan was hatched. "Why don't I invite family to any appointment I'd be going alone to?!" My folks have first dibs, after that my Aunt Robin is next and then any other relative that wants to join in. Hopefully I won't have as many appointments as I do relatives, but it's nice to know there are many to draw support from. 

Having my mom there today was great! We talked politics, health, family, art, faith and Faith. My thoughts were everywhere, I was starting another topic before the other was finished and Mom didn't seem to mind. 

Our first item of business was finding where to go. The Royal Jubilee Hospital is an old one, with lots of additions that make it a maze. We only got lost once and yet made it on time for my blood work. 
After that we went to get the bone marrow biopsy. While waiting an acquaintance called my phone to ask what I was doing to heal. I've learned that there are people who care that I stick around and if they feel they know something that will help they tend to share it with me. But as I've mentioned before, it is literally impossible to follow every which remedy that is out there. I received an email recently stating if I were to eat fruit on an empty stomach it would detoxify my body and cure me of cancer. After some research this "cure" was based on a fraudulent claim by a scammer who went to jail for impersonating a doctor who later died of a brian tumor. What if I had believed this? I think for now on when someone claims they have a cure they'll need to re-write their will for everything to be left to Myrtle and a contract to support her till adulthood should the "cure" not work. Plus, they would need to be available to Faith 24/7 should she need a jar opened. I'm not messing around, it's my life and my life is my family's! 

Done my tangent. Moving on.

I was bagaztrillion times more at ease waiting while chatting with my mom. I like to think I'm so tough, too tough to need my mom - nope. Maybe that's because my mom's tough. In fact growing up us boys would call her a "Grr" and we'd say "grrr" if she was focused on a task or say "What a Grrr!"

Not only is she a Grr, she's a smart and a pretty one too. Which I was reminded of when in the biopsy room the doctor referred to Mom as my wife, to clarify that is not the case. 

It's not an exciting video, but here's me getting the bone marrow biopsy:
Here's what the doc got:
Bone core sample 
Marrow mixed with a liquid to thin it out 
Marrow samples
All the fun worked up an appetite and we had some time to kill so we visited the cafeteria. I had an amazing tomato basil soup. Fun fact: did you know tomatoes are healthier for you when cooked?

Our final stop at RJH was with Dr. Stone. It was a short visit, essentially he dumped me. He assured me it was him not me. After viewing my last Friday's bone scan he concluded I needed an expert, and that is Dr. Clarkson in Vancouver. I'll hear from his office "soon".

We left the hospital ready for a change of scenery. Mom offered to get some dessert. We drove to Fisherman's Warf, it was beautiful out. The seagulls were yelping, the seals were being fed by tourists and Ruban had some mini-soft taco's. Not dessert, but I'll take Mexican fare over dessert any day.

Myrtle noticed I was a little less active. Faith explained that I was sore. Myrtle was adamant that she see my ow-wee. I showed it and it scratched her curiosity. Later when Faith put her to bed, they both soon came out again. Myrtle being carried and all swaddled. I thought maybe Myrtle needed another kiss. But no, she was in tears saying "Daddy sore, Daddy sore! Kiss Daddy." I held her, moved by her empathy I didn't want her to see my tears.

Myrtle then got out of her blanket and said "I kiss it better, I kiss it" So I lifted the back of my shirt and I felt the pressure of her little head press so gently against my bandage. We had a good family hug and wept.

Myrtle turns 2 tomorrow, yet has more soul than any soul I've met. If even a big old bald man like myself still needs his mom, Myrtle needs her daddy even more.

...And we both need Faith too or nothing would get done.


  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing Ruban, I sure love coming along on your journey with you via the blog. Keep it going please. You're in our prayers-

  2. Rub, was thinking about you the other day and it inspired me to reactivate my FB account but you are nowhere to be found. Then I rememberd your blog. This last post had me in tears. Thank you for sharing! You are in inpiration!
    M. Weidner