Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ruban's Big Day Out

Last Friday I went to an appointment made long ago by my orthopaedic surgeon regarding my hip. He, Dr. Stone, is hoping my bone heals or in his words "remodels" itself so I don't have to get a hip replacement. As of now I am prime candidate for one, well that is except for my age. Like a lot of things these days, a hip replacement isn't built to last.

I'm not crazy about the pain my hip brings me, but I can live with it. I've learned a quick shuffle to chase Myrtle short distances. The other day at my parents I dropped something and before my mom could bend down to pick it up for me I did it with my toes. Talking to people standing up, waiting in lines, etc.,  I just favour my right leg. I can manage, you get the picture. 

Sitting up right isn't manageable, though there are some magic moments where I can go for an hour or two. Where I really excel in life is my ability to recline. Anybody know if La-Z-Boy is hiring testers?

Anyways, I had forgotten about my appointment until I got a call reminding me. Even then I thought it was odd that she said the call was a reminder, as I thought it was regarding my testing for cancer from Dr. Wai. 

Now I'm sounding like a senior getting confused with all their appointments and appointment times and locations and doctors and pills and vitamins.

Sometimes I feel older than my parents look ...combined. Now I'm rambling, where was I?

Oh, yes my bone scan. 

When injected with a radioactive tracer one is to steer clear from baby's and toddlers and nursing mom's and mom's to be. Which gives me leper status at home. 

Leaving to VGH was a little weepy for Faith and I. Though I can go it alone, that's not the point, part of being a family is that you don't have to go it alone. 

Arriving at VGH I was happy to see a friendly face, Anne. However she quickly pointed out that her son Nick was with her and he had meningitis so I better not stick around. Despite why they were there it provided some comfort to see one of my greatest Scrabble foes. 

I was injected and walking out before I knew it.

On my way out I bumped into yet another friend, Glen who is doing his residency. He asked about how I was doing and I updated him. Glen mentioned he prayed and fasted for me last Sunday while working at the hospital. We had a great conversation, at least it was on my end, covering prayer, treatment, and a fantastic story of him accidentally hacky-sacking a hip joint ball that popped out during a surgery he was watching.

Finally walking out of VGH I realized that I have been here lots before and never when I have been there with Faith have we bumped into anyone. People wonder how I know prayers get answered, well not being alone this day is an example.

Leaving the hospital I saw that my Uncle Darcy responded to a Facebook status I posted.
My uncle Darcy and I have never socialized before, maybe when I was but wee lad but other than that just a lot of fun Facebook banter. He's only been on the island for a the past year and a bit. Long story I wasn't sure what to expect, though I was open to get to know him. We texted and he arranged to meet me for my bone scan in a few hours.

In the mean time I went to the Wight's cafe for some company with Dave on their patio. Sun was out and Dave lived up to his good reputation was great company as always.

Before long I was back at VGH and Darcy was waiting for me. Just as we started talking my name was called for the bone scan. The scan takes 14 minutes. I laid there reflecting on what I was literally doing and what I literally wanted to be doing. I thought of Darcy waiting outside for me. After it was done I asked him to tell me about my Grandpa Rebalkin. Darcy and my father have different mothers, so Darcy's experience with my grandpa would be much different than my dads and I am interested in my family history.

Darcy shared as we walked down the halls for my skeletal survey, in the waiting room and when it was done the conversation just continued. Darcy offered to buy me a drink at the cafe and we went outside and talked more. I was fascinated. The more that was said the more I could feel that he was family.

There's this show called "Who Do You Think You Are?" It's about family history. Some celebrity's family history is uncovered and invariably the person will say something like "Oh, wow no wonder why my relative was like that, if that's what they went through."

Talking with Darcy was like me being on the show, minus the celebrity status. I felt more compassion for my dad and his siblings and my grandpa too.  I heard of some of my grandpa's traits I can see in myself.

Actually, beyond compassion for my father I can say I loved him more because I understood him more.

I had such a good time. While I was talking to Darcy I saw two more people, someone from church and the mid-wive who delivered our sweet Myrtle two years ago.

I just went for a bone scan and some x-rays, but prayers were answered as I got showered with smiles from friendly faces and connected with family and friends.

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