Monday, October 17, 2011

Forever Stuck To Ruban

Ever have so much to say that there seems like there are no words to say it? Though I'm feeling that way, I won't let it stop me from trying. 

I heard someone mention this weekend about how Jesus taught mainly in parables. He'd tell a story to many, some would get it, some would ponder on it and later get it and others just thought "Huh, well that was nice story" and go on with their lives. 

There's something to said about subtle communication, not casting "pearls before swine". Kind of in that same vain I hope to write about my weekend that is at least a good "story". 

Years before I met Faith, I would dream of a weekend like we had. To be married to someone I loved, who loved me AND to have a child in tow. We really had an experience of a lifetime .

No, we didn't go to Las Vegas or Banff, we went to Langley. As in Langley, BC.  We didn't stay at a resort, rather we shared a small suite in a Sandman Inn with Andrew and Ashley. 

Andrew and Ashley weren't the only ones who were able to fly in from Alberta, so did another cousin, aunt, uncle and my 85 year old Grandma Hazel. 

Another aunt and uncle flew from Salt Lake City to Seattle, driving the rest of the way to Langley.

My brother Ryan and his family came from Washington and my brother Jason's family from a whole 20 minutes away in Maple Ridge. 

More family and friends from Victoria, Duncan, Port Alberni, Campbell River and Langley came as well. Of course, not all that wanted to be there was able to make it, hopefully this blog might fill in some details for them. 

Though we dined at some of Langley's finest chain restaurants, such as Denny's, Boston Pizza, Swiss Chalet, Tim Horton's, Dairy Queen, Booster Juice, Ricky's and Wendy's, it wasn't quite why were there. 

We all gathered for our belief of "whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven" and the context of the weekend was for our little family to bound together forever, not till just death. Family and friends came to celebrate this occasion, a simple yet profoundly beautiful ceremony. 

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance. 
~Ruth E. Renkel

Most of my life I wanted the feeling I now I have. There's now a feeling relief, but mainly just a feeling of peace though. This desire of being bound, fastened, welded, sealed to my family beyond death is something I appreciate infinitely more after my cancer diagnosis. 

Since THAT CALL in March all I have thought about has been some variation of "Am I someone that after I pass away my family would want to be reunited with me?" 

No other success can compensate for failure in the home. 
~ David O. McKay

Everyday I try to win Myrtle over, win her over for today and perhaps more importantly when she's an adult. 

It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was. 
~Anne Sexton

I'm just as willing to tickle her and throw her on my shoulders, as I am to encourage her to eat her veggies, say prayers, do her chores (throw diaper in trash and turn on the dishwasher) and say please and thank you. 

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. 
~Rev. Theodore Hesburgh

Friday morning we awoke at 5am, ...well Faith did. Then she woke me up at 5:20 and then I woke up Myrtle at 5:40.  Off we went to the ferries to catch the 7am sailing. The ticket lady said we'd be on the 9am, fortunately she was wrong. 

While we waited for the ferry, we went and visited my parents and Aunt Robin who were also waiting. Though it was early, chilly and dark Myrtle was happy as usual and loved running up and down an empty lane. She was so very busy.
Driving onto the ferry. 
On the ferry we had the breakfast buffet, eating like gluttonous royalty, which set the tone for the rest of the weekend. "Diet restrictions? Don't know what on earth you're talking about." Myrtle loved the spread of food. There she laughed, smiled and walked around saying hello to other people eating.
On the ferry - Myrtle being Myrtle...
After arriving in Langley we picked up some new clothes we needed for the weekend. Faith shopped first while Myrtle and I walked around parking lot and grounds. During which time I lost my hopes being Father of the Year as Myrtle fell and face planted on a curb. She bit her tongue so hard it bled. Poor thing. As per usual she stopped crying quickly and was back to running around and smelling then picking flowers. 
"Hmm, I'll pick this one."
When I went in to go pay, I was holding Myrtle and for some reason I let her hold the the Interac pad and she dropped it and thus breaking it. The cashier was nice, having heard that we were going for lunch said "Don't worry, go for lunch, feed your girl and when you're out get some cash at an ATM and we'll hold on to your stuff here."

After all that, we settled in our hotel suite. Myrtle and Faith napped while I went to pick Andrew and Ashley at the airport.  Once they settled in, we grabbed some Wendy's and met with some family to spend time at the temple for Faith's first time. 

Afterwards, some of us went to Boston Pizza for some appies, a waiter there was Brandon Flowers doppelgänger. My sister-in-law Colleen got her photo with him. 
Colleen and Brand Flowers double.
The waiter claimed he didn't know who Brandon Flowers was, in case you don't here's a video:

Saturday morning was the big day. We ate at Denny's with Faith's family, my Uncle Clyde and Andrew and Ashely. Then we got showered and in our Sunday best. 

Everything was beautiful, peaceful and felt right. Maybe like other people, I too have wondered "What am I doing with my life?" Every doubt, regret or confusion was swept away with love and gratitude. Truly a new chapter had begun and I could feel it. 

While writing this, I have typed and deleted lots. Somethings are best shared in person or in a journal and somethings feel too personal or too sacred to share. 

Afterwards, some photo's were taken by my Uncle Clyde. I know more people wanted to take photos, but quite frankly, I still get fatigued from the radiation and I was too sore and tired to do any more. Myrtle was too busy running around anyways to stop and pose.

Most of us shared lunch afterwards and then everyone went there separate ways home. 

I couldn't get to the hotel fast enough to sleep and I slept till hunger woke me up for supper. Waking up noticed Myrtle sleeping there too. 
Proof she slows down
After supper my Uncle Clyde came by for a visit. We played Scrabble, got DQ Blizzards, then  Andrew and Ashley came by with some old friends and we played Things in a Box. 

Sunday morning we all packed up our bags, had some Tim Horton's for breakfast and went to church. Those that spoke did a great job. Myrtle fell asleep, so I took her out to the foyer were she napped and Andrew and I talked about life. 
Keeping warn under daddy's jacket.
After church we headed to Whiterock for lunch and a stroll along the beach, boardwalk and pier. It was sunny and warm. Myrtle loved it all and was quite eager to go swimming in her dress. Even high from the pier she wanted to jump into the water, but her wet blanket of a dad stopper her.
Running wild.
It relaxing way to cap off the weekend. We drove Andrew and Ashley to the airport and us to the ferries. Waiting for the ferry in the Tsawwassen Quay Market Myrtle was in fine form, running up and down, just in her element as she said hi to passerby's and roared at people too. 
After being on the ferry for about an hour we decided to leave the play area and walk around. While walking on the car deck with Myrtle on my shoulders we hear over the loud speakers "Would the parents of Baby Myrtle come to the Cheif Stewards office. Would the parents of Baby Myrtle come to the Chief Stewards office, there is an item you've lost to be picked up."

At first I thought I was in trouble for having Myrtle on my shoulders. It turned out I left my camera at the play area and whoever found it heard us use Myrtle's name.

A little later we bumped into some acquaintances who said "We thought they were talking about you."

We really had a weekend that we'll remember forever.


  1. Congratulations, Ruban! I can feel the happiness radiating all the way out here in Edmonton. Or maybe that's still the radiation I feel... either way, it's nice and cozy.

  2. so glad to be a part of your journey ruban! love you and your beautiful eternal family. love you!

  3. We are so happy for you. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. We are sorry that we missed it.

  4. All my best to you and your family. I really enjoyed this one.