Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cry Wolf Cry Baby

Before I started typing this sentence I just stared at the beautiful screen, how I have missed a blank screen to blog on. My MacBook has been in the shop to have the keyboard fixed. Fortunately my warranty was still in full effect and all was fixed with no cost to me.

In the couple of weeks without a computer I have had a few things to blog about, but as time passes that moment is kinda lost, perhaps I'll catch up on them at a later date.

When Myrtle goes down for a nap she'll be heard chatting away to herself. But other times she will talk to us, using tactics to have us get her out of the crib. There's a nursery song that goes "Where, oh where, oh where is (insert name)? Where could (name) be?!" Months and months ago Myrtle would 'sing' this from her crib. Calling out, wondering where we were. Hearing a year old say as best she can "Where? Where?" is too hard, I would cave in and get her.

Crying is also a good tactic. Some cries are real, as in "I've had a bowel movement and I do not and will not sleep in it." As a parent you learn the cries and hope to respond to real cries and not to "cryin' wolf". Many times I have fallen for her fake cries, when I go in she is "crying" while smiling. That lil' rascal!

Her best tactic by far is "Dadda, up please! Up please!" Hearing my name coupled with good manners is an irresistible combo. It would be rude to not respond, no?

However, what I usually hear when she cries is "Dad, don't you love me? I just want to snuggle a little." Or "If you let me stay up just this once I won't ever do drugs and I'll go to university so I can cure your cancer!"  Who can blame me for going in and getting her?

Tonight Myrtle got me again, from her cry I thought for sure she had made a deposit in her diaper, she made THAT cry. When I went in I right away got her a new diaper, wipes and cream. Guess what? No poop. She just wanted to hang out. When I said it was bed time, her face melted, she slowly walked over to her purple stuffy toy bunny rabbit, looked at me a cried a sad face, then picked her bunny and walked defeated to her room.

Anyways, I have often wondered what she does in her crib when she ought to be sleeping. I asked my friend Kim if I could use his GoPro Hero HD camera to do a lapse of Myrtle's nap. Monday he dropped off the camera, just in time for Myrtle's morning nap.

Tuesday night I went to Kim's and he and his son Brayden (of BroPros fame) began the editing of the video using Adobe Premiere Pro on their iMac. Today (Wednesday) we finished it. Literally the video would have not happened without their help (doing it all) - Thank you Kim and Brayden!

Due to teething and B.M.'s her nap times were cut short. Her afternoon nap was similar, though that time she actually slept. Since she did not move in her sleep, at all, about two minutes were cut out of the video. 

I believe there were about 1000 photo's taken every 5 seconds and as mentioned the majority of her sleeping was edited out. Feel free to do the math if you want to know how long the video was. :)

Myrtle is a character, such a joy. Perhaps a few more videos could be made starring her.

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  1. I loved this! She will love the video when she gets older!